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about us

Welcome to Motion Movement Clinic!

We are a remedial and sports massage clinic specialising in structural bodywork. Our team of Remedial Massage Therapists focus on soft tissue sports conditioning; injury prevention, management and rehabilitation. We are dedicated to seeing you Transformed and Renewed and we would love for you to try us out!

Meet Nikita…

Nikita is a board certified, Anatomy Trains Structural Integration (ATSI) Therapist. Having worked as a remedial massage therapist since 2008, forever curious to learn more about the human body and movement, Nikita fell in love with Anatomy Trains holistic way of viewing our body as a tensegrity structure. Under the teaching of Tom Myers, James Earls, Lou Benson and Julie Hammond, Nikita graduated as a Structural Integration Therapist in June 2015. She was asked to join the Anatomy Trains Australia teaching team in 2017 and is working towards becoming a certified Anatomy Trains teacher. Nikita has a passion for helping people become pain free, move better and feel at ease within their own body.

Nikita with her tensegri-teach model in front of the Anatomy Trains posters.