Dry Needling


"Dry needling techniques involves using needles to stimulate the body's own pain relief system, without using drugs. It has it's origin in Acupuncture but in 1938 Professor Kellgren first adapted modern neurophysiology concepts to the ancient technique. He observed that by inserting needles he could identify tender trigger points in the body, and ease them by injecting an analgesic. As other drugs were trialled over the years it became clear that pain relief was in fact dependant on the stimulation of the needle itself, and not on the substance administered."

Here at Motion Physical Therapy Clinic dry needling is used as an additional skill to aid remedial or sports massage treatments. It helps with trigger point release in muscles unreponsive to the hands on approach. Clients must give consent before any dry needling is performed and health and safety laws for skin penetration are strictly followed.

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